Cryptocurrency: The New Payment Method for the U.S. Residency

The EB-5 program, also known as the U.S. Golden Visa, now invites cryptocurrency investors to invest in U.S. residency. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) allows investors to utilize their cryptocurrency assets as a viable source of funds in exchange for a U.S. green card. Despite the EB-5 program being new to cryptocurrency and USCIS remaining silent on this topic, investors are encouraged to secure a U.S. passport by cashing out their digital assets into traditional currency as a form of investment.

What am I investing in?

Cryptocurrency users can now invest in the U.S. Golden Visa program by investing a total amount of $800,000 into a government pre-approved real estate project that will create a minimum of 10 full time working jobs. In exchange for this investment, EB-5 investors will gain access into the U.S. with their family members and enjoy the privileges of permanent residency while on the path to U.S. Citizenship.

These privileges are transformative and boundless. After the recent developments made to the visa program under the Reform and Integrity Act 2022 (RIA), U.S. green card holders can move immediately while waiting for the approval of their EB-5 application. This development is known as ‘concurrent filing’ providing a new, efficient and streamlined filing process for investors to reach the U.S. with no delays.

U.S. green card holders are granted access to any reputable U.S. educational institution along with financial aid and scholarships provided by the U.S. government. Their application will be prioritized as they are considered a U.S. person. After graduation, students are given unrestricted employment opportunities to work with any U.S. employer they wish or start their own business.

Investors are also given the opportunity to obtain their returns from their investment. Despite the primary purpose of the EB-5 program is to reward foreign investors with a U.S. green card, the success of their project allows investors to receive their investment back. Evidently, there are tremendous benefits that an EB-5 investor can experience for themselves and their family in the U.S.

How will I invest?

The legal policies regarding cryptocurrency investments are still unknown, therefore, we advise cryptocurrency investors wishing to invest in this program to seek guidance on how to navigate through this investment. The EB-5 application process requires valid documentation and evidence to showcase legitimacy of funds that are within the ‘Preponderance of Evidence’ standard. This standard requires evidence given by the investors to demonstrate that “it is more likely than not” that the funds originate from them.

Given the nature of cryptocurrency and the unknown origins of transactions, investors can face many issues with adjudication as the funds must show that they are authentically owned and controlled by the investor. Cryptocurrency investors must be prepared to simplify the documentation and evidence of their transactions to adjudicators as much as possible. This includes cashing out decentralized digital assets into traditional currency that can be used as the $800,000 investment. This is the most important stage of the EB-5 application process and must be done correctly otherwise, proving the legitimacy of your source of funds to adjudicators can become a rigorous process resulting in losing the opportunity to get your U.S. passport. Therefore, it is crucial that you seek legal advice to navigate you through the application process swiftly.

I want to invest, what should I do?

If you are looking to invest in a U.S. passport using cryptocurrency, the first step is to seek legal advice with prominent U.S. lawyers and EB-5 experts. At The American Legal Center, you will find a team of U.S. licensed lawyers that have helped clients invest in a U.S. green card using cryptocurrency. They will help you navigate through the application process and ensure that your documents are within the required standard, ensuring an easy-going application process with no delays. Because of this, they have filed the most EB-5 applications within the GCC region and a total of 6% of global applications all with 100% approval rate. They provide services for crypto investors seeking access to the United States and handle all aspects of the process.


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